The Social Work Approach as a Framework to Empower Families and the Realization of Social Rights - Poland

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University Mikolaya Kopernika - Torun - Poland

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As part of the effort to understand how to increase the accessibility of integrated ECEC services to support families and young children, this report points out some ways social work is used as a tool to achieve this in Poland. The report begins with a brief history of Poland to provide a historical context. The structure of government and the various responsibilities at each level of administration in Poland is highlighted. This is especially important due to the active participation of government agencies in social work in Poland. Some relevant data on the demography in Poland are also stated as background information.

Social policy research is one of the foundations to any social intervention program. Thus the Center for Family Research of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń who is a partner of this program is presented as an example of such research center here in Poland.

Social work and its origin in Poland is discussed. This report goes on to state the principles of social rights in Europe and specifically Poland. The various forms of assistance (benefits) available to enhance social protection and inclusion of vulnerable families and children in Poland are also discussed. Some of the ways social workers and other stakeholders work to provide welfare for many vulnerable people are further discussed. In the latter parts of the report, some challenges facing social work in Poland are enumerated. It ends with a list of proposals to enhance social work in Poland.

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