Talking about parenting

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A. Michaux

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Ouderschap en Opvoeden

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A radical communications shift is needed to drive better outcomes for children. There is an opportunity for family welfare sectors to better understand parents’ attitudes to parenting to ensure that its messages reach parents. This article argues that communicators need to understand how parents think about parenting, and reframe their messages accordingly.

Key messages

  • Common messages such as 'all parents struggle at times' or 'being a parent is hard' are counterproductive.
  • Parents are much more responsive to messages that talk about parenting in the context of what is good for children.
  • Avoid talking to parents about statistics or evidence. Use metaphor instead.
  • The metaphor that works best with parents is one of 'navigating waters'. In it, parenting is journey where one may encounter smooth or rough seas, and where safe harbours and lighthouses offer respite.

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