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Target Group 

't Lampeke can be found in the Ridderbuurt in Leuven. The non-profit organisation works directly with the underprivileged target group and is explicitly attuned to people inside and outside the neighborhood who, for whatever reason, are socially vulnerable or are threatened with it.  
The aim is to notice and break down poverty and social exclusion and to support people by tackling problems together with them. 

The organisation exists already more than 50 years and is a fixed value in Leuven. Everyone is welcome and can go there with any questions. The organisation offers cozy meeting places and various activities for all age groups. Attention is paid to families, couples and singles. Realizing equal opportunities and rights for everyone within a solidarity society is the ultimate goal. 

What we do: 1 +1 +1 +1 = much more than 4 

The organisation consists of four main operations:  

  • day care de Wurpskes for babies, toddlers and their parents / families,  

  • children's work Fabota for children of pre-primary and primary school and their parents / families, 

  • youth activities den Tube for youngsters from 12 to  25 years and  

  • community center 't Lampeke for adults.  

The four operations work closely together with an integrated offer. More information on the website www.lampeke.be 

We organize groups on specific themes ( education, culture, energy, housing, ..) 
We develop in-depth projects bases on the needs of families: housing, language, education, attachment, energie, health, participation, .. 
We are at a crossreads between all areas of live: education, health, culture and leisure, living, employment, .. 
We want also to influence politics.  


Buurtwerk 't Lampeke works together with a diverse group of people on a warm and inclusive society without poverty and social exclusion. Everyone is welcome and we put each other in our strength. 

Working with families 

Central are low-threshold and warm 'places' in the neighborhood with attention for individual and warm tailor-made care, meeting opportunities and substantive activities. Working with families is central. Our work is a strengthening place to develop both individual talents and social networks. Where necessary, we offer long-term projects with an unconditional way of working. From our recognition as a local preventive family support service, working with families gets even more structural embedding. 


Buurtwerk ’t Lampeke vzw 

Riddersstraat 147, 3000 Leuven 

016 23 80 19 – info@lampeke.be - www.lampeke.be 

Check also: www.hoopverlening.be, www.overbruggen.be, www.lezenisleuk.be V