Studyvisits Integrated Working

1. De Sloep

De SLOEP, a family Centre in Ghent (since 1996) welcomes over 1,000 families from over 50 different origins. De SLOEP offers individual social/pedagogical, administrative and juridical advice to families with young children. In combination with parent groups, meeting places, a consultation office for newborns (birth–3) and a prenatal service, De SLOEP is an integrated service. De SLOEP also collaborates with other organizations in order to enhance accessibility to health services, and the labour and housing market. So both material and immaterial support is provided, which is helpful and meaningful from the family’s perspective. Critical success factors include: having a low threshold; a wide network of partners; having extensive knowledge of ECEC, diversity, juridical and administrative expertise; and political lobbying.

nieuw de sloep foto de sloep

2. Inloopteam Brugse Poort

Inloopteam  Brugse Poort is a family centre  for vulnerable families with children (0-6) providing preventive family support. Inloopteam Brugse Poort support the vulnerable families through 
-    a general reception where parents can ask questions, tell their story. If necessary, the Inloopteam will refer to other services
-    a reception for pregnant families
-    meetingplace Mamuti for children (0-3) and parents 
-    process groups – sharing experiences on raising children 
-    Dutch language groups
-    Creative groups (such as sewing, knitting)
-    babymassage
-    sport for child and parent, healthy food, …
-    second hand shop
-    …

5. Wijkgezondheidscentrum Botermarkt

Community Health Centre Botermarkt,  a not-for-profit organization, wants to contribute to high quality, accessible primary health care for all the citizens living in Gent Zuid. The centre wants to contribute to an open, socially just society,  based on solidarity.  Essential characteristics are: 

  • primary health care, putting the patient at the centre of the holistic approach.
  • prevention of disease and health promotion
  • accessibility (geographical, cultural, financial,…); for the financial accessibility we use a capitation system without co-payment
  • interdisciplinary cooperation in one building, including: family physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, dentists, receptionists, health promoters and ancillary staff
  • community-oriented approach: contributing to healthy life circumstances through health promotion and participation in local initiatives. The local welfare platform Gentbrugge-Ledeberg is here an important tool and has been created by and is still led by the Community Health Centre.
  • quality
  • starting from a pluralistic perspective

4. Opvoedingswinkel

Questions about parenting? Come to the parenting shop.
Parenting is something you do every day, it is fun and challenging. Still, that does not mean it is easy.
Every parent has moments of doubt, can feel insecure and as questions about bringing up children and youngsters.
Most of the time you can turn to your friend, family or school with those questions, but the parenting shop is there for you too, if you need some extra support.
We offer:

  • A sympathetic ear
  • Information about parenting
  • A clear overview of the parent counseling services available in Ghent
  • Advice suited to your needs


3. Huis van het Kind Destelbergen - Villa Tuur

Villa Tuur is the brand new family  center in Destelbergen. It combines the library, the consultation office for young children (0-3) and the childcare centre. Next tot his fysical one stop shop, Villa Tuur is a collaboration between more then 30 organisations in the field of family support, such as public welfare office, youth services, schools, …
huis van het kind