PREP- Parenthood & Relationships Education Project

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Claire Hillson and Sarah Watkins - Wave Trust

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Ouderschap en opvoeden

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The Parenthood and Relationships Education Project (PREP) originated from the Scottish Government’s National Parenting Strategy which states: ‘we are committed to doing more to enable our children and young people to develop healthy, positive relationships and to prepare for possible future parenthood’.

While many young people receive some form of Relationships Education, our research shows that there is little or only sporadic education about Parenthood. This work is vital because Scotland becoming ‘the best place in the world to grow up’ is heavily dependent upon the preparedness and capabilities of every child’s father, mother or carer. It is our intention this project will lay the foundation for, and build momentum in favour of, transformational change in the preparation for positive parenthood.

This toolkit has been designed to provide resources for practitioners (including teachers, youth workers and other practitioners working with young people) which are flexible, accessible and adaptable. It is intended to offer good quality, relevant materials and information that directly and indirectly address the skills and knowledge young people require to be better prepared for possible future parenthood, and to make decisions about whether and when to become a parent.

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