Parent and familyfocused support to increase educational equality

central assumptions and core concepts

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Y. Anders

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WP 3 addresses the role of parenting support and home-based education programs to support parents in creating safe, nurturing and stimulating home environments, addresses as such the micro-level of families, and the meso-level of family support systems. It focuses on both home- and community-based approaches as well as centre-based initiatives that involve parents to strengthen both, the home-learning environment and school-parent partnerships for children in the under six years of age. In WP 3 we will create a broad overview of existing approaches, collect available evidence and examine in-depth good practices to be able to formulate widely applicable recommendations for the development and implementation of parent- and family-focused support programs. In addition, integrating the findings from the interview studies of WP 2, the objective is to develop, implement and evaluate a transferable family-focused program prototype using an ICT-based virtual learning environment. In this review we outline in the first part the core theoretical models and assumptions that are the base of WP 3’s work. In the following we provide brief descriptions of the core concepts. In the appendix, we provide a list of suggestions for survey scales related to research topics of