Oratorium “Michalici” – open place for children - Poland


Oratorium was opened in 1993 by Michalici's priests as a response to the social needs of the local environment, to the pathology and dysfunction of the families among whom the children lived and live. Oratorium creates special conditions for educating a child and stimulating a child’s development, free from taboos and prejudices, open to other people, tolerant and rich in positive experience and full of hope.Here every child is equally important, loved and respected. In a family atmosphere, under the leadership of the professional teaching staff, the child comprehensively develops and studies the models necessary to build the right relationships in society.

Oratorium as home

Every day from 15.00 to 19.00 you can come to the Oratorium and relax after school, quietly do your homework with the help of a teacher, spend time with good use, talk about your problems.

Oratorium as a school

Oratorium offers classes that expand schooling opportunities. There are classes in foreign languages, music classes, hobby groups - computer, mathematical.

Oratorium as a playground

Oratorium has a special time for fun and relaxation, where children can communicate with each other and establish friendships.

Ambition and goals

Oratorium offer for children:

- Emotional support for children

- Elimination of negative emotions through workshops on occupational therapy: painting on glass, drama, pantomime

- Help with homework and tutoring

- The development of physical strength (football, volleyball, cycling, etc.)

- Development of culinary skills

- Classes in the computer lab 

- Participation in theater plays

- Creates social skills 

Oratorium organize for children:

- Carnivals and other events aimed at uniting participants.

- Meetings for friends Oratorium

- Meetings with “interesting” people ( for example firefighter, policeman) 

Target group 

Children and adolescents, especially those whose families face various problems such as poverty, alcohol and drug addiction. Children from dysfunctional families, raised by one parent.

Specialists and educators focus mainly on working with children and young people.

However, sometimes they work with parents on their parenting skills, advise them on how to raise their children or organize workshops for them.


It’s a much needed place that is open to the needs of children and young people. It is extremely important that children from families with various problems have a place to visit every day. There are teaching staff and volunteers who help them in everyday situations as well as with the problems they encounter at home.

This helps children and adolescents not to duplicate the problems faced by the family in their further lives.


We believe that it is real help for children and young people from families with various problems. In such places, children and young people can learn good attitudes, learn everyday activities and learn proper relations with society. A child-friendly place that, through everyday activities, has a chance to live better than their families.

Working with parents is also very important because parents accept the place where their children go and can benefit from professional help themselves, which often has not been institutionally successful for years. They see the effects of working with children and they try to be better parents themselves.


More information 

More information can be found on the website: http://oratorium.torun.pl/


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