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Target group

Koala Kessel-Lo organises activities for (grand)parents and their young (0-3year old) children.

What we do

We offer families a place to come and play in an informal setting, meet other parents and their children and enjoy a cup of coffee together.
During these moments a Koala employee is present to answer questions about the project, facilitate conversation and refer parents to partner organisations when necessary. 

Once a week a group of parents and children (+1 year old) come together to prepare the children for school. We offer them a variety of activities: arts&crafts, working on fine motor skills, a walk in a neighbouring park and finish the session by eating a cup of soup together. 

A lot of children in the area stay at home with their parents untill they are old enough to go to school. This transition is often very difficult for the children.
By offering them a place where they can play, meet other children, practice different skills and experimenting with toys and other materials, we hope to ensure a smoother transition from home to school.

A large number of families in this neigbourhood have a migration background. Often parents speak little to no dutch and therefore children don’t either. All activities we organise are spoken in dutch, with the necessary translations by and for parents to understand. But this ensures that children (and their parents also) come into contact with the language and perhaps pick up a few words in the meantime. Hopefully the difference between hearing little to no dutch at home to hearing only dutch at school can be alleviated a little bit.

We work closely together with different daycare partners in the area. So when parents express the need voor daycare for their child, we can help them with finding a place in these daycarecenters or by helping the parents with their inscriptions of finding their way in the daycaresystem. 

Lastly we regularly organise sessions for parents to inform them about certain topics or to offer them a moment to exchange experiences with other parents. Topics range from breastfeeding and sleeping to how tho prepare a healthy lunchbox for your toddler.

Contact information:

Koala Kessel-Lo

Lolanden 16

3010 Kessel-lo


Huis van het Kind Leuven

Savoyestraat 4, 3000Leuven




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