Country Report Belgium

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Kind en Gezin, EXPOO, VBJK

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This country report of Belgium documents relevant policy, research and practice of the organization of ECEC in Flanders (Belgium). In the first chapter, the structure of the Belgium federal state will be explained. As all Belgium IAS partners are working for the Flemish Community it is necessary to be able to understand this unique and complex political context and to be able to compare with the own national or regional context. Then, in the second chapter we’ll briefly describe the tasks of the different partners, involved in the project. In the third chapter the focus will be on the material and (organization of the) immaterial support to all families with young children as it is organized in Flanders. Finally in chapter four and five, we’ll focus on some challenges in society to deal with on the one hand, challenges in finding solutions through cooperation on the other hand. These challenges motivated us and we’ll like to introduce them as subject of further discussion during the IAS project.

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