Compendium of Inspiring Practices on Early Intervention and Prevention in Family and Parenting support

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In de bundel worden 12 praktijken uit diverse landen in Europa voorgesteld.

The Compendium brings together diverse examples of inspiring practice but some common themes can be identified as well as the policy recommendations they underpin.

All case studies: 

  • aim to work with parents, families and communities to promote a positive environment in which children and young people can grow and thrive;
  • demonstrate the need to intervene with appropriate, timely measures when children, their parents or families are in a vulnerable situation;
  • are underpinned by key principles such as a non-judgemental and non-stigmatising orientation, participatory and strengths-based approach, accessible services for all and early intervention services for the most vulnerable;
  • demonstrate inter-service collaboration, as a way of engaging with families, building their resilience and empowering them.

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