Child-centered, democratic preschool classrooms. The Step by Step Approach

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This book is a comprehensive guide on how to set up a program or classroom following the Step by Step Approach to early childhood education. This approach sees children and their families at the heart of the pedagogical choices and practices, uses democratic processes and procedures, and promotes evidence‑based, high‑quality practices that facilitate young children’s development and learning. The book also introduces best practices developed by other well‑known child-centered early childhood programs to inspire those already following the Step by Step Approach to try strategies that can expand their pedagogical expertise and experience.

It is addressed to early childhood educators and preschool staff—such as psychologists, methodologists, therapists and teaching assistants—who work with children aged from 3 to 5 or 6 years. It can also be used by pre‑service and in-service training institutions as a guide to the competences to be nurtured in both new and practicing educators.

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