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From entering motherhood to a child’s first stubbornness, gentle weaning, and preparing for a joint family vacation ... We are shedding light on each topic from all angles, sharing experiences, empowering mothers, and we help them to make new friendships.

CHATS are moderated by a marriage and family therapist who deals mainly with individual and partner therapies on the topic of parenthood and partnership. She also works as a breastfeeding consultant and is the author of the book Breastfeeding after the First Year.

Chats have taken place in Mala ulica since March 2019, once or twice a week. Now we host on-line meetings.

Ambition & goals

  • Supporting and Empowering mothers on maternity leave;

  • Helping mothers with different topics (breast feeding, health issues, how to start with solid food, etc.)

  • Social networking of mothers of different social background;

  • Emotional support;

  • Providing safe enviroment where mothers meet and babies can play.

Target group

Mothers on maternity leave and parents with toddlers

Evaluation - lessons learned

Chats are very well accepted. The need for the activity even grew during quarantine. Topics are very well chosen. We also found out that it is important to choose new topics with the help of mothers. As we recognized the importance of chats, we also started Evening Chats. They are targeted to both mothers and fothers, and topics are tailored to problems related to the toddler period as well.


There are many books, articles, and websites with advice on parenting and health issues, but moms often do not have much time to read them as they feel tired and without energy etc. so we find this form of counselling great. On the other hand, we also give them emotional support and help them forge new bonds with mothers, as well as providing children a safe space

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