Integrated working: towards an international platform for exchange 3 October 2017 -


Integrated working among organisations working with and for families is a hot topic, both for policy makers, researchers as for practitioners. In many countries the model of Family Centers is on the forefront. Integrated working offers many opportunities. Addressing fragmentation, a higher accessibility to services for families, sharing expertise between professionals, finding better responses to actual needs … are just some examples. However, at the same time, there are also challenges. 

In order to capture the opportunities and the challenges that arise in different countries, we want to set up an international platform. The main objective is developing a meaningful  and sustainable network (platform) where capacity building and strengthening professional expertise on integrated working is central. 

The main theme for this preconference day is accessibility

  • Vision – How do the different partners define accessibility? What’s their vision? What’s the added value of working in an integrated way in order to strengthen accessibility?
  • Thresholds – What are possible thresholds that families in the different countries cope with? What could be the added value of integrated work in dealing with these thresholds?
  • Inspiration - How do the different partners cope with these thresholds? What are inspiring practices in the different countries? 


  • 09u30    Welcome: Introduction: Family Centers in Flanders
  • 10u00    Studyvisits in Ghent - 3 locations
  • 13u00    Lunch with network possibilities
  • 14u00    Discussion groups on "accessibility"
  • 16u30    Reflection on the day, closure of the day

Participating in the event is free of charge. We are looking forward to meet you in Ghent.

Practical aspects and registration

Date: 3/10/2017 - Location: het Pand, Ghent, Belgium (

  • For ISSA-members the pre-conference is free and there is also budget for an extra night accommodation.
  • For not-ISSA members EXPOO will pay the contribution for the preconference on 3d of Octobre. The transport to Belgium and the accommodation is on your budget. 
  • You can combine the preconference with the ISSA-conference.
  • Registration: website ISSA:
  • Can you also send us ( a mail that you will attend the preconference? 
  • For the pre-conference day, there is a maximum of 50 participants. 


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